Intravenous Vitamin C (IV-C) has very well documented health benefits. It is a technique that allows the delivery of large amounts of vitamin C and other nutrients to the body, typically, without causing any gastric upset. Vitamin C helps replace electrons that mercury and other heavy metals take on their way out of your system and boosts your immune system.

How does IV-C help with mercury removal?

IV-C can help to loosen the mercury from the bonding sites within the body. It may also help to protect the body from potential damage that the mercury might cause while being excreted from the body and can promote the healing process of cells throughout the body. Its use, along with standard chelation therapy, is therefore of immense benefit.

Why does Vitamin C need to be administered intravenously?

Vitamin C taken intravenously deactivates toxins at an astonishing rate. When taken orally, your body can only absorb so much at a time, and the rest is passed out through urine. IV-C allows for much higher doses than can be absorbed orally, thus increasing its effectiveness without any unpleasant side effects.

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