Lymph Drainage

Our Day Spa at Groton Wellness Center offers Lymphatic Drainage. Lymph Drainage is a very precisetherapy, recognized by both the international spa and medical communities. Lymphatic Drainage is the perfect spa rejuvenation therapy. The effects of this technique are numerous. Beyond its tonic effect on the central nervous system, it can bolster the immune system. It also stimulates lymph vessels, helping to move the lymph and drain connective tissue. By facilitating detoxification through the elimination of metabolic waste, it enables the flow of fresh oxygen in the body and the absorption of nutrients.

Primary Benefits:

  • Promotes relaxation/rejuvenation
  • Improves lymph circulation
  • Produces an analgesic effect
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Restores energy, circulation
  • Decongests tissues, system
  • Detoxifies body of metabolic waste
  • Encourages homeostasis

Conditions Most Commonly Treated:

  • Joint/tissue pain
  • Swelling

Is it Safe?

There are a few contraindications to Lymphatic Drainage. Often referred to as the ‘great normalizer’ because of its ability to re-establish homeostasis (balance) in the body.


  • Acute Fever or Inflammation
  • Infection
  • Congestive Heart Failure
  • Active Cancer
  • Thrombosis (blood clot)
  • Hyperthyroidism

What is the Lymph Vessel System?

The lymph vessel system carries excess water, proteins, and wastes from the connective tissue back into the bloodstream. During transportation, the lymph is cleaned, filtered and concentrated. Many immune reactions occur in the lymph nodes. If the pathways become congested, blocked, damaged or severed, fluids can build up in the connective tissue leading to edema. Eventually, cell pathology may begin. If there is damage in the connective tissue (e.g. burns, chronic inflammation, ulceration, hematoma), then the lymph vessel system must transport the damaged cells, inflammatory products, and toxins away from the area. The faster this happens, the faster the recovery and the return to homeostasis.

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