Maya Abdominal Therapy

Maya Abdominal Therapy

Bringing the Body Back Into Balance

Maya abdominal massage is a supportive modality for people suffering from reproductive and digestive conditions. It is a gentle massage that helps to guide the organs into an optimal position and thus aids in restoring optimal function of the reproductive and digestive systems. By creating space, suppleness, and flow of blood, lymph, nerves, and energy through the abdomen, Maya Abdominal Therapy helps the body to nourish the digestive organs and encourages self repair.

The following are the most common symptoms and conditions that Maya Abdominal Therapy may help address:

For Women

• Menstrual disorders (painful/irregular periods)
• Pre-conception through postpartum
• Discomforts of pregnancy; labor and birth preparation
• C-section/hysterectomy surgery recovery
• Menopause
• Pelvic organ congestion (endometriosis, cysts, fibroids)
• Polycystic ovarian syndrome
• Chronic bladder/yeast infections
• Pelvic organ prolapse

For Men

• Early stages of BPH (Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy)
• Prostatitis (mild)
• Impotence, erectile dysfunction

Digestive Health

The digestive system is integral to health. It is our core and foundation. When it is out of balance, our entire beings are out of balance. Lifestyle, diet, genetics, and emotion all play into our digestive health. Whether there is chronic inflammation from food sensitivity, physical adhesions due to surgery or emotion, or generalized congestion and restriction, Maya Abdominal Therapy can help.

Common conditions that Maya Abdominal Therapy can help to addressinclude:
• Chrohn’s
• Constipation
• Gastritis
• Indigestion
• and many more

An initial consult is necessary in order to create a treatment plan that will help you get the most out of your massage therapy sessions. An educational Self-Care component is included at the end of the initial consult. Follow-up appointments are determined by the specific goals of the treatment plan.

A message from Lilliana Rivera, LMT

“After experiencing the healing benefits of Maya Abdominal Massage, it became my mission to learn this technique and share it with others. I am a practitioner of The Arvigo® Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy. I value building strong relationships with my clients and I work hard to help clients reach their goals.”

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