Mercury Removal

The First Step in Oral Detox

Amalgam Removal

Our mercury amalgam removal program is designed to remove toxic dental material including mercury amalgam and /or other fillings, crowns, or bridges that appear to be biologically incompatible with the patient, while keeping the patient comfortable and safe from the toxic by-products generated during the removal process.

  • Biocompatibility testingof dental materials can be performed well in advance of the restorative visit to determine which dental materials are safest or least offensive to the patient’s immune system. There are several ways this testing can be done. Please see biocompatibility testing for more information.
  • Supplementation in the form of channel clearing supplements and/or homeopathics to support heavy metal removal may be recommended prior to amalgam removal. Testing of the patients physiological needs is encouraged and can be performed at the Medical Center.
  • DO NOT TAKE ANY ORAL VITAMIN C on the day of the dental visit if you will be receiving local anesthetic. Vitamin C has the ability to drastically reduce the effectiveness of the anesthetic making it necessary to use an extra amount of anesthetic, or to wait extra time before the anesthetic becomes effective. If desired, please do bring vitamin C to the dental visit because if it is taken after the dental visit is completed, it will help dissipate the anesthetic, and allow it to wear off faster.
  • Special attention will be given to the 7-14-21 day immune cycles when scheduling appointments.

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