Nutritional Counseling

At Groton Wellness we are concerned about the systemic health of all of our patients – not only how overall health relates to the health of the teeth and the gums, but also how it translates into leading a vibrant, healthy, and satisfying life.

The basis of any healthy lifestyle is good nutrition. Good nutrition depends on the quality of food we are taking in, and also the food and supplement choices we make on a daily basis.

At Groton Wellness we are continually learning about the complexities regarding good nutrition and diet, and will often make recommendations at the initial dental visit and at subsequent visits when applicable. In addition, our Medical Staff can provide nutritional counseling for anypatient as they so desire.

We utilize the Institute for Functional Medicine nutrition plans that we customize for each individuals needs. We then adapt that plan as each patient progresses into a healthier lifestyle. The ultimate goal being individualized optimal health and wellness.

Please visit the website of the Weston Price Foundation, or the Price-Pottenger Foundation, and request to receive their monthly publications. Both of these organizations promote organic diets and healthy food choices, as well as publishing many informative articles on other nutrition topics.

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