Oral Galvanic Currents

If you have metal fillings or crowns or metal partial dentures in your mouth, there may be more going on than you know.

What are oral galvanic currents?

Galvanic currents (or electrogalvanism) exist when there are two or more different metals in the saltwater (elecrolyte) environment that exists in your mouth due to the continued production of saliva. This measurable electrical energy coming from crowns and fillings can be considerable and can have significant negative effects on the body – particularly the nervous system and brain function.

What is the most effective way to eliminate electrogalvanism?

Galvanic currents can exist between metal fillings, metal posts, metal crowns, metal pins, metal partial dentures, silver point root canal filling material, metal orthodontic wires, brackets, bands and retainers, and/or any other metal present in the oral cavity. For optimum systemic well-being, all metal containing dental restorative materials should be evaluated for possible removal.

The best way to reduce or eliminate the problem of dental electrogalvanism due to dissimilar metals is to reduce or remove metal-alloy-based crowns, bridges and metal-alloy-based mercury fillings and metal-based partial dentures. Replacement materials include:

  • Non-metal restorative material (ceramic, direct or indirect composite resins).
  • Or use of only ONE type (formulation) of metal alloy. Our dentists do not typically place metal-based restorations, but for some patients it may be all right to leave one gold filling in place, or one metal-based crown in place – if there is not another type of metal present in the mouth to create an electogalvanic reaction.

Minimizing and eliminating the electricity between the metal crowns, metal fillings, and/or any other metal in the oral cavity can have a very positive effect on systemic health. Whenever crowns and fillings are removed and you have dramatic immediate positive health changes, it is often the result of the removal of the electrogalvanic burden that was causing an unnatural stress in your body.

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