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The only available treatment for cavitations at this time is surgical removal. Because of the lack of blood flow inside a cavitation, standard medications or drugs cannot reach these lesions. Even homeopathic remedies will only work best during the healing process once the lesion is removed and the blood flow is re-established.

The surgery involves an incision in the gum to expose the defect in the bone, and scraping the area clean (debridement) of unhealthy and/or diseased tooth and bone. A biopsy is usually taken to document disease. Both hand and rotary instruments are used with sterile saline irrigation to remove the diseased tissue. Packing and or grafting material may be placed in the surgical wound, which is then sutured closed.

Appropriate medications are prescribed, and home-care instructions provided. Because of the virulence of the disease process in the cavitation area, it may be necessary to repeat surgery to completely heal the lesion.


“Just realized as I am driving home from work tonight that every bit of inflammation and pain in my finger joints is gone. It has been years since I could make a tight fist. There had to have been a connection to the root canaled teeth that were removed 5 days ago. The teeth are gone now and it appears the joint pain all over my body is gone too. :):):):):):):):) I am a believer!” – Catherine L.

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