Root Canal Toxicity

In health-focused dentistry, root canals are to be avoided whenever possible. They represent a stress on the immune system that can manifest in many ways throughout the body. If a root canal is the only treatment available to save a tooth, the patient will be educated about what a root canal is, and the possible consequences of living with the root canalled tooth.

How can I tell if I’m being affected by a toxic root canal?

If a patient has a healthy diet and lifestyle and a strong immune system, they may be able to tolerate keeping a tooth that has been root canalled. But patients need to know that a root canalled tooth that is currently being tolerated may become intolerable in the future due to age, illness, or breakdown of the root canal materials. A full discussion about a patient’s medical history, as well as, testing and assessments can often aid the patient in making the decision to keep or extract a root canalled tooth.

Does Groton Wellness Dental Spa perform root canals?

A root canal is a procedure that Groton Wellness Dentists will make every effort to avoid. Dental treatment is performed with the utmost respect for the health and vitality of the teeth being treated – to hopefully avoid an irreversible inflammation and subsequent death of the nerve of the tooth. If the pulp or nerve is affected in spite of our best efforts, the pros and cons with respect to root canal treatment will be discussed. If after discussion and education the patient still requests that a root canal be performed, they will be referred to an appropriate specialist.

There are a number of reading references available for patient review or purchase if more information is desired.


“Just realized as I am driving home from work tonight that every bit of inflammation and pain in my finger joints is gone. It has been years since I could make a tight fist. There had to have been a connection to the root canalled teeth that were removed 5 days ago. The teeth are gone now and it appears the joint pain all over my body is gone too. :):):):):):):):) I am a believer!” – ~ Catherine L.

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