Groton Wellness Center is the first holistic center of its kind in New England, fusing state-of-the-art Biological Dentistry with Functional Medicine to meet the health needs of the whole person. We are professionals in preventative and functional medicine, dental care, psychology, nutrition, and a host of complementary and alternative therapies. We work with you to develop a personal, comprehensive plan that achieves wellness and balance from head to toe. This is our mission.

You are unique

Treating you as an individual, not your individual parts, is our unique wellness approach to health and healing. We treat all of you, not just your symptoms or your issues.

Our holistic focus is embodied in the design of our center. Like the hemispheres of the brain, our practice is housed in two buildings ~dental & medical~each connected to your overall well-being. Working closely with each other, we partner with you to help meet your health, happiness and healing goals for the near term and the long run.

Natural Balance

We are interested in getting to know all about you, from diet to lifestyle, stressors to pleasures, top to bottom. This is the core of our holistic practice. This is how balance can be restored.

Take charge of Your Health

Our broad array of health and wellness treatments, services and locally-produced, organic food are just the start of our community approach to your holistic health. Come often to enjoy our nourishing, wellnesscafé. Join the on-going wellness conversation on our blog, or via Facebook. Take advantage ofour FREE 15-Minute Phone Consultations. Make an appointment with a Medical practitioner to learn more about your whole health. Take an energy medicineor nutritionally-based cooking class, indulge in a therapeutic massage, have a restorative facial or infrared sauna to detox or just plain glow. We want you to feel great in every way.

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