First, do no harm. Treat the whole person.

The therapeutic goal at Groton Wellness Center is to provide our patients with non-toxic, non-pharmaceutical, effective therapies that will address directly and indirectly their symptoms as well as the cause of their health concerns. With that goal always in mind, we provide many conventional and innovative therapeutic modalities to support and assist the healing journey. Our multi-disciplinary practitioners will design treatment plans with the most effective therapies to support your individual health goals.

  • Targeted Nutraceutical Formulas
  • European Homeopathics
  • Sanum and Heel
  • DrainageFormulas
  • Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Herbs
  • Nutritional IV Therapies
  • Bio-identical Hormones
  • Detoxification Therapies
  • Diet and Lifestyle Prescriptions
  • Chelation Detoxification

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