Women’s Health

Combining western medicine with holistic, natural treatments to help women feel amazing on their journey through life

Just outside of Boston there is a place where women can get answers to their most intimate health concerns. Women’s bodies change a lot over time. Their bodies transform from one of a little girl, through the growing pains of adolescence, the fertile years, menopause and beyond. During this period of growth, women’s health needs change. For women, it is crucial to combine the latest knowledge and research in the traditional medical world with an integrative approach, based on an individual’s body and needs at any time during life.

The Women’s Health Center at Groton Wellness offers the advanced functional medicine practitioners to help women along their pathways of life. We offer services such as hormone balancing, uneven growth pain management, fertility, weight management, hair loss, thyroid and endocrine management, adrenal care and more.

Our experienced and caring practitioners offer answers to:

Health Concerns * Weight Loss * Nutrition and Lifestyle * Beauty * Fitness * Emotional Quests

Most importantly, our practitioners listen, get to know your habits, and treat you as a whole person, not just your symptoms or disease. Our customized care is rooted in functional medicine and based on trust, mutual respect and personal empowerment. Our goal is to help you heal and live a healthy life at its fullest potential. So come visit Groton Wellness, cleanse your body of ailments, and revel in life.

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