We’re Green

We’re Green for You & Yours & Ours

What goes around comes around. When it comes to choices regarding dental/medical materials, cleaning, building/office supplies, Groton Wellness Center takes it to heart and we let our collective consciousness be our guide.

Being ever mindful of the world around us, we use only all-natural, biodegradable, non-toxic materials in everything we do. We buy local and recycled whenever possible. Your wellbeing — and the wellbeing of the planet — depends on it. Consider it the first phase of detoxification!

Green Practice, Green Practitioners

We are always striving to minimize our carbon footprint. Here’s how:

            Re-washable cloths and hand towels

            Bulk buying to conserve fuel

            Paperless charting and patient files

            Digital x-rays

            Glass mugs and cups instead of paper/plastic (whenever possible)

            Metal impression dental trays, not plastic

            Energy efficient lighting

            Recycled or recylable printer paper

            Recyclable printer cartridges 

            Recyclable packaging in Café

            Café menus printed on 100% Post Consumer Recycled Fiber

            Compostable cups and bowls

            Cutlery made from corn

            Café foods are local, sustainable, organic and free-trade

            Café produce from United Natural Foods, a green company

            Bamboo and cork floors (renewable/sustainable building materials)

            Energy efficient appliances

            Non-toxic cleaning supplies

            Mercury Recovery System in the Dental Office

            EcoDental Association Membership