Spa Testimonials


Dear Bonnie,
I have been wanting to share my experience the other day with you. I was moved, my heart, mind, and spirit. I knew I would feel safe with you, as my body always tells me so. I was further moved to have gone to the level of depth inside myself that I did. The entire session brought me back to what I feel my Soul is asking of me on a regular basis. I felt the reminder of ‘yes, here, more of this. This is how to attend to yourself.’ I was reminded of the attentive loving care that my mother provided me when I was a young girl, the dedication she had to taking care of me, spending time, and affording me all that I needed to be well. I have gotten so far away from this. As I was lying down, and you’re being ever so nurturing, the way you lightly brushed the different creams and gently cared for my skin, I felt myself soften to a place of loving safety and care. I was reminded and validated that the recent choices, which have been although scary to make … I have been feeling are Soul based, were validated. Inside I do have the answers to the way I need to go. I had visions, colors, senses highlighted and inner awareness’s become clear. Thank you for creating the space for this to happen. It was so important to me to receive a treatment from you and went well beyond other forms of treatment that I have received from many practitioners over the years. Finding the right fit is everything. I think it’s imperative to have more sessions with you, for I get to be reminded that I matter, how far loving tenderness can go, and the value of my tender heart.
Thank you for being so sensitive to my needs and taking the time and care to look after me the other day. Your work is well beyond that of an esthetician, you are also a source of healing from beyond. Blessings and a heart full of gratitude for the healing you provided my heart.


You guys are OUTSTANDING! Coming to your facility has been the most positive dental experience I’ve ever had, no kidding. Everyone at the Spa makes clients feel special, and I think it is important to feel special once in a while. I could go on and on, but would eventually get boring. Overall, the staff is very professional and attentive and my experience has been wonderful. Wouldn’t go anywhere else.             ~Marilyn S., Lowell, MA


Recently I had the pleasure to receive your …Full Body Care facial. The staff is very courteous and welcoming. Spa services are very personal, so it was important to click with the therapist, mine was …. simply divine. I was stressed to the hilt when I arrived, but it dissolved as soon as the wonderful, healing and nurturing treatment began. This is more than a classic facial, it is a full body treatment, including foot massage, extensive scalp, neck and arm massage and so much more. My skin feels more nourished and hydrated than it ever has and the session was deeply relaxing. Whenever I caught myself thinking “it is about to end…” there was more. 
~ Josee


I just had a Full Body Facial … and it was FANTASTIC! So relaxing, and the products felt amazing. I think clients will really enjoy this facial. It has a lot of great elements to it, including the foot bath and a lot more body massage than you’d expect from a traditional facial. Another great element was the fact that you get to see the esthetician mixing the products she’ll be using that are catered specifically to you, gives off a good feeling that you’re getting products that aren’t coming straight out of a bottle, and are unique to you. The products had a great scent to them without being overbearing and felt very light and healing. 
~ Ashley


Getting a regular lymph drainage massage is one the most important things I can do for my health.  I didn’t realize my lymph system had become overburdened until I started taking better care of it.  This is one of the most pleasant treatments I’ve ever received.  It’s like being touched by angel hands.  
Julie M., Spiritual Coach


I recently had a facial. It was my first since college 20 years ago and I was way overdue. I scheduled my appointment after speaking with an esthetician about my skin dilemmas at the Ladies Night. My skin seemed irritated by every product I tried. My eyelids were always itchy and seemed to be developing chronic eczema-like symptoms. My skin felt dry but products for dry skin made it break out. It looked dull and makeup didn’t help. I started feeling like my skin was looking too :o(    My facial appointment was perfect. The room was clean, comfortable and relaxing. Her presence and explanation of the process made me feel instantly at ease and my stress melted away in the first few moments. After the facial, my skin looked glowing and soft. She recommended some Dr. Hauschka products to care for my skin. It’s been just one week since my facial and already my eye irritation is gone! No more itching, no more dry patchy eczema skin! The products make my skin feel soft and refreshed. I am thrilled! I just wanted to let you know what a great experience I had and my skin success story ; o ) I am looking forward to my next facial!  
Sincerely,  Kerry M.


I would like to highly commend Wendy Walter specifically for her professional, outgoing manner toward me at Groton Wellness. I had approached the first of three colon hydrotherapy appointments with some apprehension, having had negative experiences in other situations, such as rehab and x-ray rooms. As an older, physically challenged individual, with me, Wendy was highly instructive, proficient and charmingly pleasant, even while conducting her “humble” services. During the first session, she barely left my side, encouraging and conversing with me. In another, she gave me a lengthy massage (properly done) to ensure my continued comfort. I wish to share my appreciation for Wendy with you. On your scale of service evaluation, I would give Wendy a strong 10, an A Plus. I expect to be making return visits to Groton Wellness.
Sincerely, Rita B.