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Skin Analysis

Know the skin you’re in

The majority of people are using the wrong cosmetics and skin care products ~ no surprise, given that most people don’t really know their own skin.


Skin analysis is so important

A certified esthetician (skin therapist) will take the time to look deeply at your skin and all it’s unique facets. This non-invasive process can identify a huge variety of skin types and teach you the proper care to take for your individual needs. The condition of your skin changes with the seasons and over the course of your lifetime. We recommend repeating a skin analysis with the new season or if you notice any significant changes.

Use the utmost care with natural products

We choose natural skin care products that will help to heal your skin while keeping it visually radiant.

Dr. Hauschka Skin Care

Powerfully gentle ingredients for natural vitality. Whatever the condition of your skin, Dr. Hauschka has a range of natural skin care products that can help you achieve a complexion you’ll be happy to see in the mirror every day.