Whole-Body Detoxification

In our Medical Center at Groton Wellness we offer customized Wholistic Wellness Programs. As the toxin burden of our modern industrial environment increases every year, many of us are challenged by on-going toxicity issues such asfatigue or flu-like aches and pains that undermine our quality of life. Depending on our genetic heritage and the randomly resulting ability or inabilityto detoxify naturally occuring toxins, as well as,man-made chemicals, more and more of us are becoming chronically sick.

Detoxification isthe core of the Groton Wellness Model. We believe regular detox is an essential component to optimal health and wellness.

Our goal is to offer the most comprehensive detox medical facility with the most knowledgeable staff in the region. Whether it is removing dental heavy metal/mercury from your teeth and following up with physician supervised chelation or promoting the natural release of petrochemical residues through your skin and sweat, we are committed to guiding and supporting our patients and clients toward optimal health through the modern detox process.

Personal and individual detoxification is a speciality at Groton Wellness. Patients are welcome to book an initial appointment with our medical staff who will customize a detoxification program especially for you. Detoxification canincorporate a wide variety of wellness therapies, consultations with health practitioners and individualized meal plans provided by our Café. These programs allow our patients to detoxify safely and effectively, while under the care of our highly trained health professionals. For more information please call 978.449.9919.

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