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Massage Therapy

Nothing melts away tension like the human touch of a licensed massage therapist or bodywork pro. Our Day Spa at Groton Wellness Center offers a variety of Massages. Whether you’re considering a deep tissue or acupressure pointed session, we have what your body, mind and spirit need.

Primary wellness benefits:

  • Activates relaxation response
  • Releases injured, inflamed tissue
  • Prevents frozen joints, tendons
  • Promotes anti-aging
  • Reduces stress
  • Releases lymph

Conditions commonly treated:

  • Fibrous tissue problems
  • Tight, painful joints
  • Circulation problems
  • High stress, anxiety, burn-out
  • Tight muscles, ligaments

How does massage work?

By inducing muscular relaxation, massage stimulates circulation and inspires pleasure and wellbeing. The “relaxation response” occurs with the soothing/stimulating effect of touch, pressure, kneading of skin tissue and muscles.

Is it safe? Is it effective?

It is very safe and very effective. Massage is a time-honored way to reduce stress, improve muscle and joint function, detoxify and release body-held tension.

What to expect?

Your massage therapist will have a room ready, table set up, clean linens, warm blanket and soft music. Depending on the method, you will be asked to take off some clothes (as you wish) get under the sheet/blanket, and relax on your stomach to start. You may have a pillow under your knees and head/chest to make yourself comfortable at any point. Halfway through your time, you’ll flip over. Feel free to sleep and/or “turn off” during the session. Take care to communicate your sore spots and special requests, then let go, relax, and experience the professional touch of wellness.