Family Dentistry

Good Habits Start Young!

We teach the importance of forming healthy habits early. Proper nutrition, brushing and flossing are essential to a life time of well-being.


Our Environment and Energy Helps to Alleviate Phobias

Our goal is to help make your child’s dental care as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. Our environment is welcoming and pleasant and our staff is kid friendly. Fear is often a result of the unknown and we want your child to feel confident about his/her dental checkups.


What Is The Right Age To Begin Dental Care?

We recommend you bring your child in for a complimentary “happy visit” before age three. A few minutes in our chair every 6-12 months will lead to good dental/mental habits for life!


What To Expect On The First Visit

The first visit typically lasts about an hour. We clean the teeth and take low-dose radiation x-rays if necessary. We also do a full oral health exam, noting palate & soft tissue health, bite alignment and more.

We invite parents into the room for this first exam in order to participate in the assessment and planning of your child’s dental care and to foster trust in your child. In future visits, after trust and confidence have been established, we recommend parents remain in the reception area. This enables your child to start developing positive dental experiences on their own.


Children with cognitive and/or physical impairment

Our Doctors have years of experience caring for children. All children have unique needs and our team specializes in creating an environment that is just right for your child. Many children benefit from a gradual introduction to their dental experience, particularly if it is their first experience at a dental office. We understand how to provide extra care and we welcome all children and their families.


We Always Use A Gentle, Mindful Approach